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The university, represented by its council, provides scholarships as follows:

Grant entitlement:

  1. A number of outstanding students are nominated depending on the admission exam results, which are conducted by the university at the beginning of each academic year. Depending on the results of the exam and the evaluation of the academic committee formed in particular, students will be nominated for a scholarship opportunity beginning the first semester of their academic studies.
  2. The scholarship is granted to students who excel in their academic studies as well as extracurricular activities, and is determined by specific criteria set by the university. Scholarships are divided into 2 categories which are detailed further in the academic requirements section.
  3. Students who maintain the scholarship requirements will retain it for the duration of their studies. Any student who drops below the requirements for one semester will receive a 1 semester probation period to regain their scholarship status. A second semester below the criteria will result in withdrawing the scholarship from the student until their status exceeds the criteria.

Academic requirements:

The scholarship is awarded to a students with the following credentials.

  1. Full Scholarship:
    Granted to students with a GPA of (3.75) to (4.00) from (4.00) points.
  2. 50% Scholarship:
    Granted to students with a GPA of (3.50) to (3.74) from (4.00) points.

Note: Scholarships are not solely dependent on GPA’s. The scholarship committee also reviews the student’s social conduct and how active they are in extracurricular activities to make their final decision.

General Terms:

  1. The scholarship is available to students throughout the period of their studies at the university as long as their academic status matches the established academic conditions as well as avoiding any act committed in violation of the regulations enforced by the university or higher education regulations.

General Registration

  1. Following-up on educational affairs of students and supervising the study system.
  2. Monitoring and insuring that the rules and regulations of academics and the examination process are implemented.
  3. Supervising the student registration Process.
  4. Preparing statistics, and detailed data about students.
  5. Following up and up keeping social aspects of foreign students.
  6. Preparing teaching aids and supervising designated class rooms and providing them with documentary tapes and discs.
  7. Preparing and granting accredited statements to students according to the purpose for which they are prepared.
  8. Providing the appropriate academic atmosphere for all university students.
  9. Participate in developing programs for outstanding students.

Conditions for Admission to the University:

  1. The University announces the number of students that can accept them, and the deadline for accepting the applications for admission, before the start of each academic year.
  2. Students who are admitted to the university to obtain a Bachelor degree in Architecture and Urbanism require the following:
      • General high school degree (“Scientific Branch”), or its equivalent.
      • Must pass the university entrance examination.
      • Provide the registration fees prescribed by the university.
  3. The university conducts an entrance examination for students in order to be admitted.  An academic committee is formed to be entrusted with the tasks of administering this exam.  The committee may impose financial fees on the applicant for the exam costs.
  4. The university accepts the number of students depending on the results of the entrance examination.