Berenice University of Architecture and Urbanism is an educational institution established in 2016 in Benghazi Libya as the culmination of a continuous effort group of university professors and academics, and based on their long experiences in the field of architectural and urban planning.

Since its inception, Berenice University has always sought to achieve excellence and raise the level of professional and academic practice, leadership, as well as excellence and creativity in the fields of university education and scientific research. We are a specialized institution for students who want a unique teaching environment with modern facilities and curriculum standards. The university encompasses a highly qualified teaching staff with intensive academic and work experience both domestically and internationally. Our aim is to provide students with the best possible education, and prepare them for life in the real world.

University Council
The highest supervisory authority for the university consisting of the founding members.

Supervisory body of financial, administrative and educational affairs and the affairs of scientific research in order to achieve the implementation of the following tasks:

  • Lay the foundations for methodology and education, making academic and educational activities consistent with the general policy of the state in the field of higher education.
  • Work to raise the level of education and scientific research to meet the development needs and in the light of the general policy of the University.
  • Coordination between the activities of scientific, educational and social departments, programs and units of the university and developing closer relationship with their counterparts from the government and other private universities.
  • Approving the appointment of faculty members.
  • Deciding on the granting of full-time faculty members of their leave of absence and holidays.
  • Admitting and accrediting the number of students admitted by the program annually in the departments and the various academic disciplines at the university.
  • Proposal of tuition fees collected by the university students.
    Discussion of the annual report on the activities and achievements of the university.
  • Discussion of the annual flow of budget at the University and their final accounts.
  • Consider presentations by the President of the University regarding topics related to academic work.
President’s Office
  • Receiving the subjects that come before the University Council or the University President and collecting sufficient data on them.
  • Establishing the University Council meeting agendas and recording its minutes and resolutions.
  • Organizing the University President’s communication and programs.
  • Receiving the President’s incoming mail in addition composing his letters and the supply of information he requests.
Head of Department

A member of the teaching staff in charge of conducting scientific, administrative, and financial matters in the department who is responsible for applying university regulations and systems depending on his studies of the department’s work at the end of each semester.

Vice President for Scientific Affairs

The Vice President of Scientific Affairs is entrusted with assisting the University President in executing the University Council’s decisions and recommendations. In addition to supervising the following administrations and offices:

  • The Scientific departments
  • The Department of Postgraduate Studies, Training and TA’s
  • Technical Advisory Office
  • International Collaboration Bureau
  • Quality and Performance Assessment Bureau
General Writer

Functions under the supervision and guidance of the University President and is in charge of:

  • Supervising and developing administrations instructional and financial plans, plans pertaining to general services and procurement, stores, security, technical affairs and projects. In addition to overseeing the development of budgets, schedules and execution policies for these plans.
  • Supervising the allocation of the university’s annual budget, deliberating it with the competent authorities and working on having it passed by the university’s employees’ Committee of Personnel Affairs.
  • Supervising and compiling of annual reports of university activities, and other periodical reports within his jurisdiction.
  • Overseeing and preparation of the final budget and submitting it for approval.
  • Overseeing the implementation of the approved organizational chart, and supervising the accreditation of annual staffing.
  • Offering proposals to ensure the development of university functions and simplification of procedures, as well as supervising the preparation of administrative, financial and technical manuals.