Berenice University’s philosophy is rooted in the reality that architecture and urbanism and the extensive domain that they encompass, comprise all that surrounds us, affecting our daily lives in a most direct way. Regarded historically as the ‘Mother of Arts’ or the primary art, architecture embraces all branches of art as well as many other supportive specialties such as building technology and interior design; whereas urbanism is the setting for architecture in its surrounding landscape, natural or designed, representing the planned outcome for any group of architectural works in how they are ordered and incorporated within a framework, allowing for the ever-increasing demands for expansion and change in tune with the living communities they support.

As such, the vision of Berenice University is based on the absolute credence that architecture and urbanism should take their natural place when it comes to shaping the physical environment of cities by making the appropriate professional decision that addresses the programme and the context achieving the most fitting solutions for it. This process is possible only with the establishment of a well-qualified cadre of architects and urban planners who are well versed in critical problem-solving skills and capable of undertaking independent judgment in an increasingly evolving inter-disciplinary profession.

Berenice University aspires to establishing itself as a center for research and a veritable base for progressive education and an effective institution contributing to the field of architecture and urbanism. By applying the latest means and techniques in education, Berenice University aims to fulfill its primary academic purpose by playing an active part in the formation of young thinkers who must face the pressing and diverse challenges of our times in shaping the built environment.

To fulfill such goals, the University will adopt the most up to date means in the fields of architecture and urbanism while focusing on two essential factors; firstly the provision of highly qualified and experienced academic staff for all specialties and secondly; by utilizing the latest programmes and advanced educational methods to ensure the best possible platform for the development of knowledge and skills. Berenice University will also work towards establishing ties and avenues of cooperation with organizations and institutions with a common interest in the fields of architecture and urbanism.

Berenice University is committed to providing a comprehensive educational journey for its students with the aim to qualify graduates as leaders in the professional fields of architecture and urbanism by pursuing three main approaches. The first is the development of students’ creative abilities, talents and skills by exploring a wide range of methods of inquiry and design, and applying these in problem solving situations that address current issues and the needs of all users. The second is the understanding of cultural and social values and the importance of community engagement and how these impact the design process. The third is the means of ethical practice within the profession.

The necessary communication skills for students will be developed using traditional drawing techniques and skills in addition to the use of computer aided design programmes and related technologies. Studio-based learning will be at the core of the education programme and the focal point for exploration, experimentation, investigation and the communication of ideas with the aim of promoting new thinking and new design approaches that can contribute to society and the built environment that so significantly shapes our lives.