President’s Office

  1. Receiving the subjects that come before the University Council or the University President and collecting sufficient data on them.
  2. Establishing the University Council’s meeting agenda and recording its minutes and resolutions.
  3. Organizing the University President’s communications and programs.
  4. Receiving the President’s incoming mail in addition composing his letters and the supply of information he requests.

Legal Affairs

  1. Drafting University related regulations and resolutions.
  2. Providing legal advice whenever is needed and preparing the relevant legal memoranda.
  3. Preparing and drafting contracts signed by the University.
  4. Drafting agreements the University signs with other entities.
  5. Pursuing lawsuits filed by or against the University, and preparing relevant memoranda’s.
  6. Heading investigations assigned to the office.

Internal Audit

  1. Cross-examining vouchers and verifying the accuracy of financial procedures according to the laws and legislation in force.
  2. Auditing revenue collected and confirming its deposit in the University revenue account.
  3. Ensuring the application of laws and financial regulations together with inventory procedures on the university supplies.

Department of Student Activities

The Office of Cultural Activities and the Office of Sport Activities is specified with creating and executing student activity plans in cultural, literary, artistic and physical activity in addition to organizing festivals, camps, fairs, contests and other scholastic events. Furthermore, forming and sponsoring teams in various aspects with the objective of detecting and cultivating talents, promoting team spirit and supporting positive competition and excellence, which is all incremental to academic attainment.

  1. Providing books, references, periodicals, scientific journals etc. for the University.
  2. Regulating library functions, book-lending system and other related matters.
  3. Implementation of Arabicization programs alongside with translating books, and monitoring the processes of authorship, circularization, and publication.
  4. Keeping up with new publications from different publication sources and providing the University with them.
  5. Keeping up with, taking part in, and benefiting from book fair events.
  6. Establishing and developing the electronic library with all its facilities and working to support it with books and magazines and subscribing to Libraries and internationally approved sources for various books, magazines and publications.
  7. Taking care of the library facilities in terms of study tables, chairs, shelves and all its necessary facets.

Quality and Performance Assessment Bureau

  1. Proposing university education standards and presenting them for approval while following up on them.
  2. Proposing performance standards and maintaining quality control over the components of university education associated with faculty members, curricula, laboratories, management of university education, and evaluation processes.
  3. Supervising the exchange of information with regional and foreign universities, and comparing their standards with the University’s.
  4. Proposing the establishment of work procedures alongside with rules and guidelines to enhance the performance and ensure the quality of university education.
  5. Conducting and participating in field studies to approximate university education outcomes to the labor market needs, and making recommendations in this regard.

Department of Faculty Members

  1. Following what is pertinent to teaching staff members, and taking any necessary procedures in resolving any difficulties that face them in their work.
  2. Proposing principles and regulations that ensure that faculty members accomplish their academic tasks.
  3. Following faculty members’ scientific activities and reporting on their scientific researches.
  4. Supervising the provision of proper accommodation for the faculty.
  5. Maintaining an appropriate academic atmosphere for research and creativity alongside with conducting necessary studies and programs pertaining to it.