According to the Libyan Ministry of Educations Decision No. 211 of 2020 regarding the resumption of studies in public and private higher education institutions:

In order to implement precautionary and preventive measures concerning the Corona pandemic, an extended meeting was held today, Tuesday, 7/14/2020, at 11:30 am. The meeting included members of the university administration and teaching staff for all academic courses, where they discussed ways to resume studies at the university, as well as the curriculum and its reimbursement of class hours caused by the stopping studies on 15/3/2020.

During the meeting, the previous educational status of the university was reviewed for this year, and the academic hours and time required in each course were determined in order to fulfill the requirements of the academic year.

It was also stressed, and upon the resumption of the study on 8/8/2020, the necessity of applying all the precautionary and preventive measures used to confront the Corona pandemic.